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Welcome to Gun Dog Chat. A social media style website dedicated to your hunting dogs. I started this site after being banned from numerous other social media sites for sharing hunting dog related content. I welcome you to share your hunting stories, your photos and videos or promote your own Gun Dog related business, without fear of been banned because your post goes against “community guidelines”. If it's related to bird dogs, coon dogs, rabbit dogs or squirrel dogs, you can share it here on Gun Dog Chat. We want to see your dogs, your kills and your recipes ... just not your babies, beaches or bikinis.

Please keep all post on topic, hunting dog related stuff ONLY. We want to provide a good, clean enviroment that future hunters can enjoy, so please avoid foul, derogatory language. You can view the public feed here, you just won't be able to interact with any post until you create an account. If you don't have an account, you can create one here : Create an account

Why build Gun Dog Chat? I had a thousand reasons not to create this site … it's too difficult to make, there isn't a need for it, I don't have time, nobody will use it, it can't compete with big social media, I don't have a business plan or any clear way to monetize the site … but I have an overwhelming desire to make it anyway despite all that. Gun Dog Chat started as a `social feed` for Gundog Central, but after developing it, I realized if I had added it to Gundog Central, it would have created a lot confusion. Gundog Central is a hunting dog website where members list hunting dogs for sale. Adding this social feed to that site would have led to members listing dogs for sale in the classified section, in the online forum section, and in this social feed section … meaning visitors might have found dogs for sale in three different locations on that site. The Gundog Central forums weren't designed for people to list dogs for sale, but people do it anyway despite clear warnings not to. I could have added the same warning to this social feed, but I feared it would have also been ignored. The social feed was designed for people to brag about their hunting dogs, share their hunting stories, and to promote their hunting services … not to list dogs for sale. So, I decided to turn the Gundog Central's social feed into its own website.

Gun Dog Chat isn't meant to replace or compete with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or TikTok. You won't get the precise likes or the same level of user interaction because I'm focused on serving a much smaller group of people, just hunters with hunting dogs. It's also true that I can't provide you with the same level of experience as those big social media services, with their unlimited budgets and huge staff. However, I'll do my best to create a fun place to brag about our hunting dogs. I've tried to focus on including what I thought were the `basic` social media features … like sharing photos and videos, liking people's content, leaving comments, having a public profile, allowing followers, direct messaging, and bookmarks. I'll try to expand on these features in the future when possible.

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