Known Issues

- Need to limit records on Profile, bookmarks, notifications and messages.  Dynamically load more when scroll.
- Fix avatar size so they are all the same
- Add ability to remove bookmark
- Setup Facebook and Instagram feed.
- Check DB indexes for speed
- iPhone submission seems slow and page sometimes doesn't refresh after click submit.
- Background process -> on update
- Autocomplete tags doesn't work for comments
- Tagging people may not work if precedded with period
- Add easy way to respond/tag person that submitted post
- Iphone has some caching problem if post fails.
- Feed 148 lost userID? How did that happen.
- Deleteing photo before all items loaded might cause an issue

Change Log

	- Moved Feed page to homepage
	- Moved Home page information to about us page
	- Fixed page numbering on feed page and profile page
	- Fixed issues with passwords not allowing special characters
	- Created Login page
	- Added link on login page to recover password
	- Fixed view profile page not detecting a user was logged in
	- Fixed 'log in required' not showing when trying to access page that required login.
	- Made changes to dynamic load on scroll
	- Fixed an issue with cached pages
	- Changes Page Titles to be LIVE
	- Moved title placeholder replacement to to page load function
	- Fixed avatar icons on search page not changing color in dark mode
	- Added some login tracking
	- Added ability to replay to original poster
	- Changed default background color to lighter grey.
	- Changed profile to use rounded corners and matched width to feed.
	- Added List / Grid view options for viewing profiles
	- Fixed a few formating issues on profile pages.
	- Fixed username not showing under profile.
	- Removed login fields from index page, leaving only in sidebar.
	- Fixed issues with SiteID
	- Added ability to attach YouTube videos to articles
	- Fixed issue on Accounts Management page
	- Spilt Help page into two sepreate pages Help and About.
	- Changed submission engine, should be faster now.
	- Fixed an issues that would cause approval queue to fail
	- Added wrap text to comments
	- Changed comments text to match formatting of feed text
	- Added function to search for links posted in comments
	- Added default profile image for comments
	- Changed comment line to use flex formatting
	- Setup page rule to redirect to
	- Fixed issues causing videos not to process.
	- Changed layout on profile pages to match feed.
	- Changed action icons to thumbs up/down, to simplify and save screen space
	- Added mobile friendly user interactions dropdown.
	- Public feed didnt have newest js file
	- Fixed meta tags not loading, wrong siteID
	- Added page numbers to feed page for search engine
	- Changed hashtag search routine to not fail on matching phrases.
	- Added profile view count
	- Added Tracking if post has been seen yet.
	- Added number of followers on profile page.
	- Formated some columns and spacing on profile page. 
	- Added color filter to profile pics on search page.
	- Fixed duplicate post showing if feed had multiply tags.
	- Added email notificaiton for new followers
	- Changed Insert Notificaiton / Send Notification
	- Fixed issue where multiply files wouldn't upload
	- Added font color to profile page
	- Added approve followers
	- Set Width and Height on feed images added class img-fluid, w-100
	- Set JS scripts to async 
	- Added Google recaptcha to create account page
	- Deployed new CF WAF Ruleset
	- Enabled Pageshield
	- Changed Security Level to high
	- Added Live log, jails and blacklist.
	- Added WEBP format when converting images
	- Added SRCSET images sizes for serving different size images
	- Added process alert flag to feed page to prevent duplicate notifications if page refreshed.
	- Created deamon to pick up new post and process photos in the background.
	- Fixed some font colors in dark mode.
	- Added new page variables to all pages.
	- Worked on updating accounts and pages.
	- Added Dynamic Menu, no longer pulled cached
	- Added Dark / Light theme
	- Installed sitemap
	- Linked to Google Search Console
	- Scheduled sitemap to run daily
	- Minified main Social Javascript
	- Reformatted message inbox.
	- Added Page numbers to messages
	- Added Page numbers to notifications
	- Increment view counts when using view_post page, but not from main feed.
	- Setup automatic Facebook feed
	- Got Cloudflare Images working.
	- Added ability to leave photo or gif in comments
	- Fixed live meta tags on view post page.
	- Expanded text entry fields for comments and edits
	- Created RSS feed
	- Decreased margins on phones
	- Removed comments icon from icon bar
	- Changed filters on submitted text to prevent encoded characters
	- Tuned spacing
	- Fixed drop down more menu to display right on phone
	- Avatar now shows with comments
	- Focus set on commnet box when clicking reply
	- Added ability to edit post including adding and removing photos.
	- Added ability to delete photos or videos from pending post.
	- Expanded login fields in sidebar to take up whole width.
	- Maybe fixed an issue submitting photos from iPhone where page would hang. $redirect and js change
	- Changed avatar in submission form to point to profile page, instead of public view profile page.
	- Fixed photo progress bar to show correctly.
	- Found Cloudflare Mirage was causing img styles to be dropped on iPhone
	- Fixed search page to search passed terms without needing focus in search box.
	- Removed preceding space before #hashtag search
	- Added focus back to text field after select #hashtag
	- Added script to add username to comment box when selecting reply icon.
	- Added alert on feed page to let users know that they need to be logged in.
	- Added support for tagging people
	- Added support for hashtags
	- Autocompleted hashtags and tags should now work. Needs polish.
	- Added ability to turn on/off email and sms notifications
	- Added ability to verify cell phone number
	- Added send temporary password
	- Added Poll Question to sidebar
	- Added Login widget to sidebar
	- Added Banners to sidebar
	- Added Cloudflare streaming support for videos
	- Added code to prevent post from begin submitted until after pictures have uploaded
	- Added code to prevent double submitting post
	- Initial Release
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