Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to create an account.

A. All accounts are Free.

Q. How many photos and videos can I post.

A. Everyone is limited to ten photos or one video per post.

Q. Why can't I upload 50 photos like I can on Facebook.

A. Picture and video require a lot of disk space to store and bandwidth to transfer, we don't have the resources to store unlimited photos and videos.

Q. Where are the fancy photo filters.

A. Filtering your photos is beyond the scope of this site, if you want to filter your photos, do it on your phone or computer before uploading.

Q. How come it takes so long to upload photos.

A. All modern cell phones and cameras take extremely large photos. Transferring those photos to the site takes a long time. Once tranferred do the site, we have to automatically convert those files to a web safe size, which means we are going to resize and reduce the file size, so they can be sent back out to people phones without eating into their data plans Reduce the size of your photos before uploading will save a ton of time..

Q. It doesn't take that long to upload photos to Facebook and Instagram.

A. Yes, it does. The file size is the same regardless of where you send it, you are limited by your upload speed. Because Facebook and Instagram an apps running on your phone, they continue to run, and listen, even when you shut them down. They'll upload your photos in the background, giving the illusion that it uploaded quickly.

Q. Why do we required so much information to create an account? Other social media sites don't require this.

A. Requiring this information helps us fight spam and validate that you're a real user. You're information is never shared on the site, unless you allow it under your profile. Requiring you to provide your contact information, helps us police the site.

Q. Why isn't there an app for this?

A. An app is beyound the scope of what I'm trying to do right now. You'd need to maintain a web version, an iOS version and an Andriod version of an app. This website provides cross platform capability without maintaining three different sources of code. You you want to use this website as an app, you can create a shortcut on your phone's homescreen to this site.

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